Fourth of July Weekend

I’m not sure I’m all that jiggy with doing a blog on a regular basis–although I can see the benefits.

Biggest problem for me is finding the time to get this activity into my schedule. It’s not a question of coming up with stuff to write about because I doubt I’ll ever run out of opinions or observations or experiences on which to comment.

It’s been a few days since I returned from Williamsburg VA where I was a guest at a convention called Scares That Care, and I guess I should spend a few words on that gathering of the clan. It’s a horror convention with an ultimate goal of donating any profits to charity. A noble endeavor, that. The organizers wanted to raise 20K, and although they didnt make that goal, they finished in the black–a worthy accomplishment for the first year of operation.

I’m thinking they need to move the venue nearer to a larger metro area and they will do just fine. They had plenty of horror film personalities in the Celebrity Room, and the had tables for all the writers as well. You don’t get as many readers as film geeks to these weekends, but you get enough to make them a lot of fun. It’s a chance to have a few cocktails and hang out with your friends and readers and make some new friends as well.

Next week, my bro from another mom, Paul Wilson, and I will be heading up to NYC for ThrillerFest which is a big, lavish weekend where we all get to put on our big-boy pants and wear our suits and hang out with all the bestselling writers in the suspense/thriller genres. It’s a great opportunity to network as well as talk to film producers, editors, and even your agent.

I’ll post a report next time.


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